Olga Lapina was born in 1988 in Lithuania. In 2011 she graduated from directing faculty in GITIS, Moscow (artistic director prof. O.Kudryashov). In 2014 she defensed her M.A. in the theatre pedagogy in CUT-UNAM, Mexico (artistic director prof. J.Alschitz).


   Since 2010 Olga has been working in different Lithuanian state theatres as a director. Two of her performances were awarded with a highest national Lithuanian theatre prize. Since 2011 Olga has been working as an acting and directing teacher in Klaipeda University and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. She has staged performances and lead workshops in Italy, Brazil, France, Germany, Estonia, Russia etc.


      Nowadays Olga is staging performances, teaching and completing a PhD course in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. The subjects of her artistic investigation is the dialectic of ensemble and individuality, improvisation strategies in acting and directing, immersive theatre formats and ludic (playing) theatre structures.

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