Oleg Kudryashov

Professor of Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS), acting and directing teacher, theatre theoretician

Devoted and wise teacher, man of exceptional heart, strong ethics and rare pedagogical talent. He is seeing the creative potential of the young actors and directors even before they are consciuos about it themselves. Highly professional theatre person and therefore demanding teacher, opening in front of his students clear understanding of the professional tools and artistic taste. Giving thanks immensly for all the wisdom and trust, for being able to say, that I am in this directing profession thanks to Kudryashov, for being part of this beautiful big family of his students. 

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Jurij Alschitz

Professor, artistic director of ITI reaserch centre AKT-ZENT, actor, director, theatre teacher and theoretician

Teacher of a great energy, immense artistic sence and fabulous peadagogical talent. Absolutely inspiring person, having devoted students all over the world. Master of artistic imagination, innovator of theatre, author of own unique teaching methodology. To keep dialogue with Alschitz requires to grow as artistic individuality, therefore every workshop of him becomes an artistic opening for every student, despite the age, experience or believes. From the bottom of my heart giving thanks to this increadible teacher for inspiration, for example of high artistic ethics and for the honour of calling him a friend and a colleage. 

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    "It is essential to remember, who your teacher is, where you come from, where your roots are, what you have gained or overcome to be in the moment of now. The true teacher to me is not a mentor or nanny, it is a partner of artistic dialogue. I am blessed to have these two great theatre teachers of mine, who not only opened the path to theatre profession, but continue to inspire and provoke artistic hunger."

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