Artyom Tulchiskiy

Actor, musician, composer

Marijus Jacovskis

Scenographer, costume designer

Renata Valcik

Scenographer, costume designer, visual artist, teacher

Eugenijus Sabaliauskas

Light designer

Julija Skuratova

Scenographer, director, teacher

Dziugas Katinas

Video designer, teacher

Adas Gecevicius


Pavel Akimkin

Actor, musician, composer

Sergey Vasilyev

Light designer

Rita Maciliunaite

Composer, teacher

Jonas Tertelis

Film and theatre director, teacher

Dmitrij Matveev


Antanas Jasenka


Jokubas Tulaba


Darius Malinauskas

Light designer

Tekle Kavtaradze


Mikas Zukauskas

Film director

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    "One of the most beautiful thing about making theatre is that it is always a team-work. That's why finding a colleague of the same blood-type is always a great luck. I am really blessed to encounter such a variety of talented, highly professional and caring artists. Giving thanks immensly to all of them. It is an honour to me to be one team, one theatre family." 

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